About Permaculture in the Bay

Who is this for

This is a site and blog for those who care about vitality, healthier, more sustainable communities and permaculture. I’ll share regular posts about my backyard projects and learnings. In the process I will give tips from books I’ve read or workshops I’ve done. It is a discovery about my permaculture journey but confess I hope to discover myself in the process.  I suppose it is a kind of research thing, while experimenting but above all actually doing something and not just talking about it.

So I’m beginning with putting my self in an uncomfortable situation and creating this blog so that I can share my experiences which goes against my natural tendencies but for some reason I feel that its the only way I’ll truly grow.


You may be asking why “Permaculture”. Well over the past year, this has been one constant interest with a garden I’ve started as hobby. I just have this vehemence to NOT continue on the same path just because it seems to makes rational sense.  I don’t profess to know much about permaculture or anything really so I guess we’ll just see how this all goes.


I believe permaculture is really on the rise and in my own personal situation I rent a property in Port Stephens, NSW, Australia.

I want to share experiences with others that are considering permaculture on even the smallest scale. Many may be put off of the idea of getting started because they dont own an acreage or have a large backyard.

My name is Mel and hope that this serves a purpose for anyone out there.


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