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What’s down with my potatoes!!

So I planted some potatoes in early Autumn knowing that they may not do so well in Winter but read some posts that they could be grown at this time. Well firstly they took a month before the shoots came through and then seem to go well until… some sudden saggy leaves (first picture). Then I noticed what looks like aphids on the broad beans which are in the same bed. (second picture). So it seems this may be the problem.

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So as Linda Woodrow said in her book – Permaculture Home Garden: How To Grow Great Tasting Fruit And Vegetables The Organic Way

“Remember that no matter how effectively you knock off thousands and thousands of aphids, if you kill one ladybird in the process the net result is more aphids than you started with.”

So now I see a ladybird on a unidentified plant next to the potato bed (third picture). Is my deduction of the problem correct and will the ladybirds seek and destroy in time or before all potato plants are infested and ruined?

Wilted potato leaves
Aphids On Broad Bean
Ladybird on plant


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