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Meet the Dome

Dome Pest Net Protection 2017-06-09

Dome shaped crop protection

My strong growing brassicas have been destroyed by an invasion of whiteflies, snails and locusts. Therefore, I made my first attempt at building a frame for netting and providing protection to my new brassica seedlings and spring crops. The arch can also swivel from the floor to the top on each side to provide access. Below is an image.



I found snails crawling on the outside of the netting this morning – a delightful bonus! It proved it was working and it was easy to pick them off and feed them to the chooks

I have another bed which has recently had onions planted (direct sowing). I’m afraid that the germination may not be great as all the recent heavy rain has pounded the bed and compacted the soil. I will need to get my second dome up!

Circles and Rectangles

I went with using circle shaped garden beds which was discussed in a previous post. It’s becoming more clear that using circles and domes makes life a lot harder than straight lines and corners. Hopefully, there are more advantages to circles than rectangles that are still to be discovered. So I wouldn’t say the verdict is out but I’ll keep you posted .

This is where I warn you to consider carefully,  when deciding to use circle shaped beds. Design and materials for dome and circular shaped structures may be harder to come by or more expensive and the complexities of using bends can take up precious time.

I used electrical conduit (pvc) for the frame as it is relatively cheap, flexible and reasonably strong. I sourced some steel pipes from the local waste disposal centre slipped neatly over the diameter of the conduit. The pipes are dug at an angle and around 750mm deep into the ground as support to hold the structure. We get some strong winds so I’ll see how it holds up. I sewed two pieces of 4 square metres together and to the frame. One arch goes across the top and stays in one position with a further  arch on either side can be rotated from the top to the ground to provide access.

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