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Getting started – permaculture in the backyard


So here goes my first post. A good start is an intro into ‘what’ and ‘why’ I’m doing this permaculture blog. Take a look at my about page.

Task 1 was setting up the blog. I set this up on WordPress last night and pretty much used the first guide I found on google search which was Probably the most noteworthy was I had to set up a domain. Trying to think up something creative which related to my blog was much more arduous than I thought. Seemed like no matter how much I tried I could not find something unique. My discovery was that someone has used that or had a similar thought process in coming up with the words.

Thought Process

So although this first post is not so much about permaculture, I thought I’d share a bit about my thought process because it should set a bit of a scene around my blog.

Some of my attempts was using “’ and ‘’. I then thought ‘’. Because green is synonymous with growth and plants and blue is synonymous with water and technology (at least I think so)! But these domains were taken and then thought I’ll get real smart and and do something with Cyan – you know the colour green and blue makes. But seems this concept was already thought of by other organisations. Long story short it took me about two hours of research and like the blogger Amy from a link I posted earlier said “Dont over think it” which I did and almost derailed me setting the blog up in the first place. So I ended up with ‘’ and I think it sums things up nice enough. I ended up using Crazy Domains as it was by far the cheapest in Australia at the time of the post.


My conclusion is these modern day problems of coming up with something new or unique is very challenging. The web has made most of the world seem like they in your backyard. These kinds of issues were probably not a problem 40 years ago. Using the same name for your company or you had a similar concept was not as big a deal. It was not an issue because you would not even know unless you were in the same state or something. So spent 2 hours trying to be unique and well actually it’s not that important as my goal is to make permaculture – well in a way un-unique!

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