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The Pain of too much Rain

Rain Splash

Rain alters your best laid plans

There has been so much rain lately and you would think that is a good thing – right? Maybe it’s begging the question but my best laid plans to complete certain tasks were not going to be easy with rain pouring down.  There lies the real problem – just because something is not easy, it’s no good reason for not getting things done.

One of the tasks was fixing the water pump. Instead I opted to pick up a chainsaw which I purchased on Facebook. Another task was to brew some microbes to put in my soil. I was going to make the brewing kit myself but after some research it seemed that it was more costly than just purchasing one.  I’ll be selling this brewing kit soon in my online shop so stay tuned. Anyway, the rain would probably have leached out the goodness of this.

Another task was set up irrigation but without the transfer pump broken and so much rain it was put on hold in favour of setting up some crop protection.


So all the rain did push me to a realisation. I should be considering more about using the slope and contour of my garden site. All that water and nutrients are draining away with no productive purpose. When I went on a tour of the Limestone Permaculture farm I got some great inspiration to using swales. Now I’m on a rented property and firstly it seems like a lot of hard work to set up and it is a permanent feature. So not sure whether this is a permaculture project I’ll be pursuing. Maybe someone out there can comment on any quick and dirty things that can be done.  I may have to have a chat with the owner of the property….

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